*my gyaru checklist*
  • cut hair + learn new styles
  • put together a gal wardrobe for school
    get walkable gal shoes, cute raincoat, + bag
  • do manba more
  • get nails!
  • read more mags!!
  • I got acrylics for the first time on the 19th + they're so cute! I'll share a pic soon
    i've been wanting to create a gal blog for almost 2 years and decided to finally take the plunge! i'm planning to use this page to share my gal journey-- from tans to nails to codes ^_^ (i'm also a massive fan of para para and do a lot of routines)
    old school ganguro, ya/manba, and kurogyaru are my favourite styles, but i like to explore others too.
    this blog is to document my journey in growing as a gyaru! and is not going to have tutorials since i'm not qualified enough to share any ^^;